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Massage Therapy

Overuse injuries

Overuse injuries like tendonitis and IT band syndrome can improved by massage through the breaking down of scar tissue and by improving tissue elasticity, thus helping you get back to the activities you love.


Regular massage will help you to retain flexibility while working out the kinks and knots that training and exercise create in your muscles. Tight muscles injure more easily and increasing flexibility is a great tool to prevent injuries.

Sports injuries

Massage can help prevent and aid in recovery from sports injuries by helping to restore mobility and flexibility to injured muscle tissue.



We can help reduce tightness as a result of activities or every day life, thus helping you perform more comfortably and effectively.


Work with your trainer

We work directly with your personal trainer to inform them as to what our findings are with their clients and give feedback as to what they need to strengthen, stretch or areas that need time for recovery.

Tailored to you

All of our treatments start first with understanding you and why you are here. This enables us to tailor the best treatment for your needs and give you the proper guidance for when you leave our clinic.